This piece is from a review of two Chip Taylor Albums - "Little Brothers' and "I'll Carry for You" that was featured in on Oct. 17, 2016

"The last track on Chip Taylor's album "I'll Carry For You" - listed as a "bonus track" - is a cover of the title song performed by Shaye Zadravec, a woman with a lovely voice and little internet presence. with all due respect to Chip, it's one of the strongest tracks on either album. It demonstrates how good a songwriter Taylor is - his songs sound as good, if not better, when interpreted by others. The fact that it's sung by a woman helps immensely since it's a song about sisters."

"A bonus ninth track offers another reading of the title song, this one featuring the ukulele and gorgeous singing of Shaye Zadravec."

observation from David Ward (respected music man and CKUYA on-air personality)

"Mature beyond her years, Shaye Zadravec is a rare bird in this age of a surfeit of songwriters and a dearth of songcatchers.  She delights in breathing new life into a rich vein of forgotten gems from an alluring array of woefully unappreciated songwriters. The magic that is found in Shaye's music is for those tired ears longing for the cool refreshment that flows from a gentle yet focused singer blessed with a pure and unadulterated voice." 

Here is a note from Hall of Fame Songwriter Chip Taylor


Thoughts Of Shaye
As I was beginning my Alberta tour a few years ago, my great friend, and revered Canadian music guru, Neil MacGonigill , asked if I would mind letting his new protege, Shaye Zadravec, open my show with a few songs. I’m so happy that I agreed. Shaye was all I love and admire in a singer. She has a beautiful voice that reflects the honesty inside her. Not many vocalists come from that place. It was a no-brainer for me to ask her to join me singing “Angel Of The Morning” at the end of my show. We rehearsed for only 5 minutes before the show started. That’s all we needed. The folks loved the magic she brought to the song - so did I. 
Neil recently “road managed” my East Coast tour. I love it when that happens. We constantly talk and play music. It is so inspiring - a learning thing for both of us. One night he played a simple video he had taken of Shaye in the recording studio, singing the great "Lilac Wine". It was just Shaye and her ukulele, along with Goran Grini's (Norwegian keyboard player/arranger) orchestrations gently caressing Shaye’s voice. It absolutely floored me - total chill time! I had never seen live footage of an artist that i loved as much as this simple clip. It reminded me of some performances I had seen of Frank Sinatra in the studio with a live orchestra from the 50s.
I hope you get to see her soon. If so, there’s one thing you will quickly observe - there’s no show business “show off” in this young lady. She just sparkles with her naturalness. And she’s so nice to be around! If you want to have a better day than the one you’re having and Shaye Zadravec is playing anywhere near you, there’s an easy remedy!


So rare and exciting to discover a truly satisfying singer, one whose voice, pitch, timing, phrasing and choice of just the right song knocks you out. Shaye Zadravec happens to be one of those singers. Lucky us.

Russell deCarle

“Be still my beating heart!”

 “Amazing…. Super sweet and heady”

 “Should be followed by thunderous applause”

 “Made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Wonderful!”

 “My God. This is extraordinary.”

 “this is all this sweet young lady was put on earth to do… just beautiful!”

 “Wow.. I was taken back in time! I believe every word she sings.”

 “Beautiful! A few great women musicians come to mind: Joni Mitchell, Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss, Karla Bonoff, Rickie Lee Jones… there’s a simplicity and complexity at the same time. Thanks for introducing me to her – I’ve never heard her before.”

 “Beautiful, restrained. Completely understands how to use her voice in a way that embraces space. This lady is a Star.”



"When Zadravec calls the songs she performs “covers” it seems like something of a disservice to her talents as a musician and vocalist. Perhaps, instead, we should call them interpretations. Gorgeous, moving, singular, heartfelt, haunting and affirming interpretations that the artist makes her own. And, yes, she is an artist and, of course, her reimagining of other songwriters’ work is an art. In a few short years, Zadravec has become an integral part of the Calgary roots and Americana community. She and her sad, soulful, doe-eyed yet cotton candy coated vocals, rightly, are a now ubiquitous presence on the city’s stages."